How to Download CASTRO

You can download CASTRO using git by typing the following command.

      git clone

or visit the Castro github page.

We have also released the CASTRO radiation capability; this lives in a separate repository so you will need to download both the main CASTRO source code and the CastroRadiation repo. To get the latter, type

      git clone

or visit CastroRadiation github page.

Remember to update your repos regularly by typing "git pull" within the directory.

If you are interested in using CASTRO, please join our CASTRO mailing list to receive any updates and see questions other users are asking:!forum/castro-help .

The CASTRO Users' Guide is available at

Also, we would like to thank Frank Timmes for allowing us to include his stellar equation of state in the public release; the version included here was downloaded from his web site ( and the interface modified slightly.

Note that if you would like to contribute to the CASTRO source code, please share your contributions via a pull request to the git repo.

Questions? Comments?

Contact Ann Almgren.