CCSE Research: Fluctuating Hydrodynamics





Active Matter

The term active matter describes materials composed of constituents capable of self-directed motion. Active matter has recently received increased attention due to materials science advances in synthesizing motile particles as well as its relevance as a model for biological processes. From both a physics and multiscale modeling perspective, what makes active materials exciting is the breakdown of the principle of microscopic reversibility at the level of individual particles, and thus the traditional assumption of local thermodynamic equilibrium doesn't hold. We are currently developing models to understand the phase behaviors and transport properties of active materials in both dry and wet (hydrodynamically interacting) settings.
3D Dry Active System

3D numerical simulation of self-propelled spherical particles (up to 2 million particles), where phase separation occurs. The animation shows the density field, particles velocity and density distribution for packing fraction of 0.5 and Pe = 200.