Combustion: Algorithms and Applications

Members of the CCSE Combustion Team

  • Marc Day (lead)

  • Emmanuel Motheau

  • Lucas Esclapez

  • Anne Felden

  • Valentina Ricchiuti

  • Steven I Reeves

    CCSE does fundamental research in combustion as well as participates in an Exascale Computing Project on computational combustion.

    The ECP Pele project is a multi-lab effort that involves predictive simulation of the relevant in-cylinder processes in a low-temperature reactivity-controlled compression ignition internal combustion engine that is more thermodynamically favorable than existing engines, with potential for groundbreaking efficiencies, yet limiting the formation of pollutants.

    CCSE researchers are developing two AMR combustion modeling codes for the exascale. PeleC solves the compressible equations of reacting flow, while PeleLM solves the low Mach number equations. Both codes are publicly available at