Atmospheric Modeling

CCSE Members of the Atmospheric Modeling Team

  • Ann Almgren

  • Aaron Lattanzi

  • Mahesh Natarajan

  • CCSE researchers are leading the development of the Energy Research and Forecasting (ERF) next-generation atmospheric modeling code. The ERF development is part of a broader effort led by the Wind Energy Technologies Office (WETO) to address the insufficiencies in physical fidelity and HPC compatibility of existing wind energy simulation codes. The ERF code represents a core capability within this portfolio, targeting high-fidelity representation of the environmental flow field defining both the energy available for harvesting, as well as characteristics of the flow impacting the ability of wind turbines and arrays to reliably and efficiently extract that energy. ERF is built on AMReX, a block-structgured adaptive mesh refinement software framework which provides the underlying software infrastructure for block structured mesh operations.