CCSE researchers do core algorithm development in a number of different areas. They are involved in numerous scientific partnership, with researchers at LBL and other national labs and universities.

  • CCSE researchers are involved in five DOE Exascale Computing Project (ECP) application projects, in the areas of accelerator modeling, astrophysics, combustion, cosmlogy, multiphase flow.

  • CCSE is also the home of AMReX, a software framework for massively parallel block-structured adaptive mesh refinement (AMR) codes. AMReX is funded by the DOE ECP Block-Structured AMR Co-Design Center.

  • Core Simulation Methodology

    In many of our simulation codes, we develop and apply advanced algorithms that exploit known separations in scale; this can result in algorithms are several orders of magnitude more efficient than traditional simulation approaches. Common features of some of our algorithms include:

    Optimization and Decision Support

    In many science areas, the next step is not to develop the simulation capabilty but to use it for decision making. CCSE has an active research agenda in algorithm development for black-box global optimization. We also have a nascent effort in decision support for engineering applications using surrogate modeling.