Adam Peterson

Project Scientist, Applied Mathematics and Computational Research Division

Contact Information

Adam Peterson
MS 50A-3111
Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
1 Cyclotron Rd.
Berkeley, CA 94720

[email protected]

Affiliation and Research Interests

I am a Project Scientist in the Center for Computational Sciences and Engineering (CCSE) in the Computing Sciences Area at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. I am a theoretical/computational physicist in high energy, cosmology, and condensed matter.

I am currently working on numerical relativity and interfacing the Einstein Toolkit with AMReX.

Previous Research

Previously, I worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Toronto, where I spent the majority of my time working on theoretical and computational developments for superfluids, superconductors, and Yang-Mills theories. In particular, it was my goal to numerically solve and interpret the equations of motion related to the semi-classical and effective field theories relating to these models.

Prior to my postdoctoral work I was a graduate researcher in the physics department at the University of Minnesota, where I worked on theoretical developments in high energy and condensed matter physics. Specifically, I worked on supersymmetry in Yang-Mills theories, as well as the effective field theory description of superfluid Helium-3 and its relation to color superconductivity in dense quark matter. Publications for these projects are listed below.

Selected Publications

Gianni Tallarita, Roberto Auzzi, and Adam J. Peterson, The holographic non-Abelian vortex, JHEP 1903, [114], (2019).

Gianni Tallarita and Adam J. Peterson, Non-Abelian vortex lattices, Phys. Rev. D. 97, [7], 076003 (2018).

Adam J. Peterson, Evgeniy Kurianovych, and Mikhail Shifman, More on two-dimensional O(N) models with N = (0,1) supersymmetry, Phys. Rev. D. 93, 065016 (2016).

Adam J. Peterson and Mikhail Shifman, Low energy dynamics of gapless and quasi-gapless modes of vortices in superfluid 3He-B, J. Phys. Condens. Matter 26, 075202 (2014).

Keith Olive, Marco Peloso, and Adam J. Peterson, Where are the walls? Spatial variation of the fine structure constant, Phys. Rev. D. 86, [4], 043501 (2012).