Galen Wang

Postdoctoral Researcher, Applied Mathematics and Computational Research Division

Contact Information

Galen Wang
MS 50A-3111
Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
1 Cyclotron Rd.
Berkeley, CA 94720

[email protected]

Affiliation and Research Interests

I am a postdoctoral researcher in the Center for Computational Sciences and Engineering (CCSE) in the Computing Sciences Area at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

I have broad interest in fluid mechanics, especially in complex fluids and their dynamics and rheology, where fluid mechanics are combined with statistical mechanics to describe material properties both at and out of equilibrium. I am currently working in the Multiscale Modeling and Stochastic System (MuMSS) group to develop novel techniques for numerical simulation of stochastic systems that describe complex fluids at the mesoscale.

Previous Research

I completed my PhD in mechanical engineering at Cornell University in October 2020. My PhD project focused on the non-equilibrium phase behaviors of colloidal glasses, where I developed a novel particle-size quench utilizing large-scale dynamic simulation.


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D. R. Ladiges, J. G. Wang, I. Srivastava, S. P. Carney, A. Nonaka, A. L. Garcia, A. Donev and J. B. Bell, Modeling Electrokinetic Flows with the Discrete Ion Stochastic Continuum Overdamped Solvent Algorithm, Physical Review E, 106, 035104, 2022

J. G. Wang and R. N. Zia, Vitrification is a spontaneous non-equilibrium transition driven by osmotic pressure, Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, 33, 184002, 2021

J. G. Wang, Q. Li, X. Peng, G. B. McKenna and R. N. Zia, "Dense diffusion" in colloidal glasses: short-ranged long-time self-diffusion as a mechanistic model for relaxation dynamics, Soft Matter, 2020

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